Cyber-Seniors Find That It’s Never Too Late to Conquer the Internet

Cyber-A-Cyber-SeniorsSeniors Find That It’s Never Too Late to Conquer the Internet! 

   In a 74-minute documentary titled “Cyber-Seniors,” directed by Saffron Cassaday, an elderly (if I might use this adjective) woman complains that her friends and family are annoyed that they have to phone her because she does not have e-mail. A man of about the same age longs to see his granddaughter more often, especially since she is being treated for cancer.

In short, there is a large part of a generation to which the internet is a mystery. And so a group of young people decide to introduce several of them up in Toronto to the wonders of the cyber world. Another resident of the home in which they reside is proud of still having all her teeth. Yet another looks forward to using the new technology to find a man.

While this documentary from Virgil Films has a certain amateurish charm about it, the seniors are adorable. (Is that being patronizing?). They try hard to learn how to access things on the internet and wind up having a contest in which several create YouTube shows and then see which ones get the most viewers. In fact, this film is on YouTube even as I am writing this.

This is a most enjoyable effort from a novice director. And I urge that it be shown at senior centers and residences to spread the idea that learning to use what the internet has to offer is a very good choice for those who have passed it by up to now.